Tasks Update

GoMax Tasks gets an update!

Cleaner and better organized. More to come as well!

With the cleaned up and enhanced layout you can now better see what tasks you have assigned and what is due. In addition, with this enhancement we are now able to move forward by adding several features that have been requested and are long over due.

As you can see from the screen capture above we have re-organized the screen slightly, allowing easier access to your tasks. In addition you can also search within the list of tasks displayed, making it easier to find the task you need.


The new tasks screen is launching this week to a select number of our brokers and following their review and feedback will be rolled out to everyone.



Need additional help? Please contact us!

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Important Announcement regarding your outbound email correspondence!


On April 25th GoMax Solutions will be adopting a new industry wide protocol in sending email that now requires all senders to use a verified domain name. This critical change has caused quite a stir within the technical communities throughout the Internet as any company that transmit emails on behalf of their clients can no longer simply send these emails out unless a verified domain name is used within the “From” line in the email itself.

We will be sending additional emails periodically until the April 25th deadline. We will include easy to understand instructions.

How does this impact you?

What this means to you, as our client, is that unless you are able to follow the verification steps and apply specific DNS settings to your domain name (IE: the @domainname.com portion of your email address) then all future emails will be sent using our verified domain (_yourname_@secure-email.ca).  Please note that if a recipient clicks reply to an email you sent, this will still work properly as the ‘reply-to’ address will be yours and the reply will come back to you.

All emails that originate from the GoMax inTouch system (Projects, Action Plans, Events, NRA, etc.) will be sent using the settings “From: Your_Name@secure-email.ca” & “Reply-To: youremail@yourdomain.com“.  As you can see in the “From” address, it is our verified domain that has to send the email out.  It is possible to have the “From” address use your own email address, however this requires domain verification using SPF and DKIM records applied to your DNS.

Why is this happening?

No one likes Spam email, and we all wish it would go away.  True spammers out on the internet like to remain hidden and prefer to not have tracks back to their location.  Verified domains are trackable and help ensure legitimacy in the emails sent from the domain.  Although the usage of SPF and DKIM for domain verification is not new, previously it hasn’t been widely used, it is only now that the large Transactional email providers are fully incorporating this requirement.  GoMax Solutions uses the Mandrill platform for Transactional email, and it was Mandrill who set the date of April 27th as the final deadline to use verified sender domains.  Any email sent after this date from a non-verified domain will not be delivered.  We chose April 25th to be a couple days ahead of the curve.

What do you need to do from here?

You have 2 choices:

1) continue as normal and see how things work out using our verified domain as explained above (_yourname_@secure-email.ca).  We feel that for most people this will work just fine, particularly those who will be unable to get their parent corporations to perform the required verification steps with the SPF and DKIM DNS settings.

2) go through the process to get verified.  If you are in control and have registered your own domain name, this will be fairly easy to accomplish.  However, if you use an email address provided by another company such as @gmail.com, @outlook.com, @shaw.ca, @telus.net, this simply will not be possible.  If you have an email address provided by your parent corporation, you will have to check with them to see if they will cooperate and apply the required DNS settings to get verified.


Should you choose to try and get verified, please contact our support department by submitting a support ticket and further instructions will be sent to you.



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DocMan and PacMan Merge Into One New Powerful Tab!

Welcome To Your Newly Renovated ‘Documents’ Feature


We did a little re-organizing and said “good-bye” to the GoMax tabs
formally known as DocMan and PacMan.

(What did PacMan stand for anyways?)New_Docs_Tab

Introducing the newly combined documents tab where you can easily upload and email all of your important documents directly from the clients profile and/or their mortgage file. No more flipping from from tab to tab formally known as DocMan and PacMan. Now everything is controlled from one central location known as ‘Documents’. Just as before, the Documents tab is still available in every profile in your GoMax account, as well as in each mortgage file.


Easily Upload Important Documents:

  • Now you can drag and drop any number of documents at once from your desktop or file folder directly into your list of documents.
  • Upload documents to a mortgage file and they will also appear in the profile documents tab for all of the applicants on the mortgage file. No more uploading the same document multiple times!
  • Fully time stamped upload history. Just because everything should be documented.





Where did PacMan go?
Don’t worry, PacMan is safe chasing ghosts. GoMax Solutions has simply changed the name from PacMan to… Emails!


Now located on your Documents tab, is a section called ‘Email’, click anywhere on the blue bar to flip over to your propriety document delivery system – a secure download system as opposed to sending documents as attachments.  In addition to being much more secure, the biggest advantage is that you can send an unlimited number of documents having unlimited file sizes regardless of a recipients document size restrictions.



Securely Deliver Sensitive Documents

  • Easily select the documents you need to send from a new side by side view.
  • Provides a complete record of the date and time the documents were downloaded by the recipient.
  • Merges with your custom email signature that you have set up in your Broker Profile.
  • Full email history, including time stamps, of all delivered document packages.



Don’t have the Documents add-on activated in your GoMax account?

Contact us today for pricing. We can have you up and running instantly!




When you originally signed up for your GoMax account, you likely skipped adding this feature to your account. We can easily turn this feature on for you at a price of an extra $9.95/month – added to your regular monthly subscription. Contact us today to order your Documents feature.


Yes, our expert GoMax programming team have ensured that all of your documents AND package history are just as they were. Now, when you want to send a secure package to anyone, you will visit your Documents tab and click no the ‘Email’ button and create a new package!


No, all uploaded documents must come from a location on your hard drive. You must first have the document saved to your computer prior to uploading to your Documents tab.


Always pay attention to which Document tab you are working on. Remember that you have a Document tab in every profile in your account as well as every mortgage file. Perhaps you are simply looking in the wrong spot.



Need additional help? Please contact us!

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Calendar ‘Follow-up’ date selector update now released!

Calendar ‘Follow-up’ date selector change

Recently a suggestion came into our GoMax suggestion box requesting a simple update to our ‘Calendar Follow-ups’ module – it made great sense, so it was implemented right away. Thank you Stephen D for your time saving idea!

This small change involves the way a date is selected on the Calendar Follow-up screen for a contact in your CRM. (see screen shot below). Previously, we had three drop down boxes to set the Day, Month and Year individually, this has now been changed to a traditional calendar so you can clearly see the day of the week you are selecting for your meeting!



Many thanks for your continued suggestions, be it big or small, they make all the difference! Anytime we can simplify something, please let us know by clicking on your suggestion box icon located at the bottom of your GoMax account on your dashboard!


Happy New Year!

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The New Email Template Builder


The New Template Builder That Allows You To Design Email Templates In A Snap!

As users of GoMax Solutions, you know better than anyone, building email templates that look amazing has been a lot trickier than it should be. Today, we’re ready to start reversing the frustration by announcing a new way to build email templates!



Welcome to the new drag-and-drop template creation tool where powerful new styling options are now available for you to use. You can drag and drop text blocks, image blocks, and navigation elements through a user-friendly interface. Build your content, create templates, re-order content blocks, add your own custom graphics and hyperlink your social media with ease! Check out our video tutorial!

V2_builder_1Text, Images, Colours & Backgrounds…

  • Add or change any text, titles, paragraphs…
  • Import your images, change the size, modify them and insert the link you want. Your images are hosted in your GoMax Solutions media library.
  • Personalize text colours, background colours, background colours of each module, and more…Insert your custom company colours!
  • Unlimited layout options. No coding required.
  • Create your own email templates in minutes. Build, move, destroy, re-build according to your vision! Just like Lego!





If you are keen to give it a try, jump into your GoMax Solutions account and create a new template using the “Template Builder” button that is now available under the InTouch > Templates menu.


  • Start by giving your template a name and a customized email subject line!
  • Drag your desired module into the design area and drop it. This will reveal image regions and text that can be edited by you!
  • Give each of your template modules and background some colour! Click on on the rain drop icons for custom colours to make your design pop!
  • Save your work and send yourself an instant test email!



Thumbnail size and share centre updates:

To help you better identify the templates that have been created with the new designer, we have increased the size of the thumbnails in your template library! Whenever you see a larger thumbnail, it means that the new designer was used to create the look! We have also added a new icon next to these templates in your share centre so they can be easily identified!





Yes, our GoMax design team will be slowly recreating all of your share centre content with new, updated templates/action plans that make use of the new template creator. All you will have to do is import these templates into your library. Keep an eye on your GoMax notifications window (the one that pops-up when you log into your account) for our new template share notices.

Have special template(s) that you would like to have rebuilt in your own GoMax account for you using the new creator? Contact our sales department for more info.


Yes, the old editor will remain available for those who wish to still use the editor. It will also activate if you decide to edit an existing template in your GoMax account that was previously build using that editor.


The underlying code in drag & drop templates is vastly different from the old templates. Therefor it’s not possible to simply open your old templates in the new editor.


Need additional help? Please contact us!

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UPDATED: Compose email enhancement and new videos!


What’s new in your GoMax Solutions CRM?

Sending Emails (changing the “From” email address):

We understand that your Assistants and your Underwriters are very valuable assets to your thriving mortgage business. They wear many hats in the office and without them – well, let’s not think about that!

On a daily basis we know that Assistants and Underwriters send emails from your CRM to your clients requesting documents, to set up meetings or to simply send a quick message. Prior to our newest update, these emails always came from the main email address located in the profile of the CRM – the lead Broker. Well that has now changed!

Our newest feature now allows users to choose which email address to use as the ‘Sender’. This feature is currently live in your “Compose Email” window and in your “Contact and Conditions” tab in each of your mortgage files.  (Remember you can send an email directly from your conditions screen in your mortgage files requesting required documents. Learn more here.)

At the top of these Email popup windows you can now use the drop down menu to select the email sender; the head broker or any of the names listed as “assistants” in your GoMax profile screen. If you have yet to add any additional users as assistants, you can do so by visiting your Tools > Settings > Profile screen.

This cool idea was sent into us through the GoMax Suggestion box from Marcel. This was a gem of an idea and for that we thank you Marcel!




Don’t stop reading, there’s more…

New, shorter video tutorials are popping up!

If you are like us, you love to learn by watching video tutorials – a quick ‘how-to’ that will get us up and running as quickly as possible.

With all of the recent updates and changes to the CRM lately, we wanted to help you learn quicker by adding new, shorter, video tutorials all throughout your CRM.

Starting today, you will start to notice two new RED video icons representing some of our new video tutorials in various windows in the CRM. New videos and links are being added as soon as they become available. (We just didn’t want to wait until they were all done at once…we want to release them as soon as our editing team completed them; little by little.)



You can spot some of the new videos today on your Day at a Glace screen, Email Tagging window, the Settings page, Categories window, Bounced email list and even above your Contact list on your dashboard. These videos are all relatively short in length and are there to assist you.

We are currently editing and adding new videos everyday, so keep an eye out!

Remember, as an alternative way to learn, GoMax Solutions provides free, live, daily training. We would love to see you there!

Check out the schedule here:


Have questions regarding this new feature?
Contact us today: support@gomaxsolutions.com

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InTouch Projects just received a new feature!

Send Now or Schedule For Later – GoMax simplifies the InTouch Project Outbound Marketing Feature.

Did you notice the change in your CRM yet? We’re at it again…Check out our latest enhancement notes…


Have you ever setup a GoMax InTouch Project (newsletter, rate sheet etc) and wish you could simply click a SEND NOW button for an instant delivery? Well now you can!

Over the past little while, our GoMax team decided to dive into the functionality of our Project module; the feature that allows you to deliver email marketing pieces to a specific list of contacts in your CRM.
We revisited the work flow and compared our thoughts to your suggestions in our suggestion box. What we found was – we needed to make some simple changes in order to make this feature easier to use.

In addition to the new ‘Send Now’ button, you will also notice a change to the way you set up your Projects. The Project work flow will now go something like this:

  1. Select the awesome template you wish to email and give your project a name.
    (From your template library.)
  2. Add any attachments you wish to send with your message.
  3. Select your desired target list based on the content of your email marketing.
    (There are many filters available for you to choose from such as your Realtor Category or Clients with a variable rate mortgage.)
  4. Customize your email subject line to entice readers to open your email.
  5. Send yourself a test email of your template to ensure the look and feel of your template is what you had imagined.
    (Make sure your hyperlinks work and your type face and size is consistent.)
  6. Select a desired delivery time. You can choose to either press Send Now or schedule your delivery for a desired date and time.
    (Maybe while you are away on vacation! How clever of you – making the CRM work for you even when you are not at your desk)
  7. Wait for your completion email. GoMax will send you an email when your project is complete. Remember, if your target list is large, this will take time – this is not a distribution list; you are sending individual emails.

Also to note, those agents who use the Project module to merge a PDF version of their template with their contact list for a direct mailer can still do so. Just make sure that the template you choose in your project is a PDF (set in the template editor) and follow the same steps along.

youtube_Player_ProjectsCheck out our new video tutorial.

When was the last time you sent out a Project to your database?

Has it been awhile, do you tell yourself that you just don’t have time? Remember, GoMax Solutions has pre-designed templates available for you to import into your CRM from your InTouch Share Centre. You can preview, import and freely edit any templates you see there.

When is the best time to send email marketing?

There are numerous articles and studies out on the web that determine the effectiveness of your email marketing. These studies look at the best days of the week to send your articles and which time of day is best. While all of these stats can get very technical and complicated, we feel that anytime is a good time for you to deliver value to your clientele.
Remember, your GoMax Projects feature allows you to pre-schedule your emails or send them instantly, so why not start today!


Need assistance with this new feature?
Call your GoMax Support Team at 877-492-5164

Connect with us:
Twitter_logo_blue  youtube

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Even More C&C Enhancements

NEW – Enhanced Conditions Workflow and Better Access (C&C Tab)

Quite often updating the simplest thing can make a current feature a whole lot easier to use.

GoMax Solutions has added a couple of new features that we think you may like! Read on to see what we added…


Every week we read through all of your great ideas that you submit into our suggestion box. Recently, we noticed a recurring suggestion – You wanted a quicker way to access your outstanding conditions list and a way to further customize your conditions lists.


Prior to our update, to access the C&C tab, you were required to search for your mortgage file, click ‘view the file’ and then venture to the C&C tab. You found this process time consuming and honestly – we don’t blame you!

To help reduce the amount of searching and clicking you had to do, we added a link to your C&C tab right on your dashboard next to each of your mortgage files in a list called “conditions” (formerly named ‘NOC’ ). If a mortgage file has any outstanding conditions, a number will appear in an orange circle – and guess what – this circle is now a clickable link that will redirect you right into your C&C tab for that mortgage file! No more maneuvering around. (See the screen shot below)




In addition to the new dashboard link, we also added a drag and drop feature that now allows you to rearrange your conditions on your C&C tab in a way that can represent a workflow. Before – your conditions that you created within a certain group were listed alphabetically by default – now you can simply click on the “up and down” arrow icon to the left of your condition and drag and drop it into any sequence you’d like. And since we were on a C&C roll, we have also added a quick view of who is responsible for that task once it’s been scheduled right on the C&C tab. This represents the “group” that the task has been assigned to. (You can make new group names in your task screen when you make a new task). But wait, there’s more….



Since we loved your C&C ideas so much, we created two sample mortgage conditions lists that you can download for free and recreate in your C&C tab. Remember, when you add a condition, make sure you select “add to template” prior to adding the condition. This will ensure that condition shows up on your C&C tab in all of your mortgage files. Finally, put our new update to the test and re-arrange those conditions so they are listed exactly like the free download.

To download your free copies, click on the documents below:

Procedure List – Condo
Procedure List – House
word-doc-icon word-doc-icon


Remember that you can also send an email to your client(s) requesting required documentation directly from your GoMax C&C tab. To see how to do this, please refer to our recent enhancement notes on this feature by clicking here!


As always – we thank you all for your continued support, feedback, suggestions and referrals!


Need additional help with these features? Please contact support@gomaxsolutions.com.



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NEW! Use your Consumer Base Expert Link to push application data to your Expert account.

The GoMax Solutions “Push to Expert” feature has now been updated to include the D+H Expert Consumer Base application link!

Didn’t own the Mortgage Base Plus application license but wanted to be able to view an application in GoMax and then Push it into your Expert account? Well now you can!

Previously, the application data “Push” feature was only available to those who purchased the pricey Expert Mortgage Base Plus Application license from D&H. However, in a recent CRM update, we successfully opened this feature up to also include the use of the D+H Consumer Base Application link.

The application push process basically extracts all of the fields found in your Expert application out of GoMax and into your Expert account. Once the push is complete, you should receive a confirmation notice on your screen.

To set up your application push button, you will need to visit your GoMax Tools > Settings > Profile > Settings page. Scroll down the page until you locate the D+H Expert Details box. Select the Consumer Base radial and copy and paste your Consumer Base application link into the field provided and save your changes. To ensure you have set this up correctly, click on the little blue icon to the right of the link field. This tests your application link, and if done correctly, it will open your application in a new browser window.

Not sure if you have the consumer base application? Ask your D+H Expert rep how to get yours!


Once you have properly set up your Application link, you will then see a “Push to Filogix” button appear in all of your applications found in GoMax. (see screen shot below). Once you have reviewed your application and wish to push to over to your Expert account, go ahead and press “Push To Filogix”. Now you can log into your Expert account and start the final application process.

Don’t forget to extract your data out of Expert and and import it into GoMax once a week to ensure that your application(s) stay nicely updated! Don’t remember how to extract and import your data? Follow this link to find out how!




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Email Tagging Enhancement

Email Tagging Enhancements

We have just released an enhancement to the way you tag your emails!

Tagging in the “Compose Email” Feature:

Now, tagging emails in the “Compose Email” window is much easier to use!

In our current update, we have moved the ‘Current Tags’ field to appear above the email content making it easier to see and use. So before sending that email, why not tag it for future reference!

To tag the email to a contact or mortgage file, start typing the contacts name in the ‘Current tags’ field and GoMax will assist you by providing existing CRM matches. If any of those contacts have mortgage files, we will list those for you as well. All of your search results will now appear nicely organized in an easy to read list (see screenshot). Click on the “tag icon” next to the contact/mortgage file(s) to choose your tag location(s). You can tag to as many locations as you need.

Make sure to select your tags prior to sending your email.


Not sure if “File #274336” is actually the correct file for tagging your email(s)? Which D&H Expert file is that anyways?

No fear! Now, all you need to do is hover over the tag icon with your mouse pointer and we will reveal the D&H Expert number and the property address for you! No more guessing! …Now isn’t that helpful! 




Tagging in the “Email Tagging” Feature:

Jealous of the new file number tool tip that you just read about in the “Compose” tagging update?

Don’t be! We have also added the same helpful tool tip to your standard email tagging screen! Now you can easily decipher between the different GoMax file numbers to determine which file is which.




Need help setting up your email tagging? Check out this helpful video!

Need additional help with this feature? Please contact support@gomaxsolutions.com.

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