During the Trial Period:

Should you decide that the GoMax CRM is not the right fit for you during the Free Trial period, simply submit a cancellation request as a Support Ticket from within your account.  Your credit card will not be charged at the end of the Trial period and any information you had uploaded into your account will be fully removed.


Existing Subscription:

If you have decided that a simplified workflow, easy data management, and automated touch points to stay in contact with your clients is not for you and would like to cancel your account please submit a Support Ticket from within your account to request a cancellation.  We do require 30 days notice for cancellation!  Any cancellations requested in the middle of a billing cycle will have the final subscription charges pro-rated based on the remaining days of the 30 day notice.

Our accounting team will advise you of your final day of service, at which time all of your data, automated inTouch processes, and future opportunities with your client base will be completely deleted.  Should you wish to reconsider and keep your subscription going, please contact our accounting department prior to the final day.


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