By now hopefully you have been able to get your Contacts imported and you have learned how to work with the Contact profiles to keep your information accurate.

If you haven’t already started creating Tasks, now would be a great time to plug some in. We like to think of Tasks as one of the most powerful components within the GoMax CRM as it has been designed to help ensure you never miss something important.

To begin the process of setting up an effective Tasking system we recommend creating a few Folders by clicking on the ‘Gear’ configuration icon. Think of Folders as a way to keep various tasks grouped together for organization.

Some example Folders might be:

  • Work tasks
  • Personal tasks
  • Family Birthdays
  • Meetings
  • Appointments
  • Bills to Pay
  • People to call

TIP: You can create an unlimited number of Folders. Get creative and make it useful in your own way.

Now that the Folders are created, it’s time to start creating the actual Tasks. Each Task you create can be given a Priority, Title, Due Date & Time, Description, as well as assigned to one of your defined Folders.

The Tasking system allows for unlimited comments to be added as well as the ability to set an indicator for the current Progress towards completion. When you complete a Task, be sure to mark it as Completed instead of deleted it as this will allow you to keep a history of Tasks performed which will be really useful later on.

After you have created a number of Tasks in your system, try exploring the Filtering options on the left side to quickly locate and display Tasks that are important to you at the time. As you will quickly discover, there is a lot of power in using Tasks to it’s full potential.

Why use Tasks instead of a Calendar?

We are often asked this question as many people are used to just using a calendar, sticky post-it notes, or a pad of paper to keep track of things. The key problem with each of these, particularly a calendar, in general is they do not allow for all of the advanced features mentioned above that Tasks does (such as completion progress, grouping, notes, etc.). Yes, a calendar might have been enough before, but we are confident that once you put the Tasks system to use you will discover that you are no longer missing or forgetting important things. Give it a try and see for yourself!



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