Below are a few common questions that we have encountered over the years with regards to Custom Action Plans.

Here are some of our answers and options for you!



When I come across the person who is the 2nd Borrower on the mortgage, in the drop down to attach an action plan to, the only option I have is to attach the action plan to their name and not the mortgage file… If I go to the Borrower 1, I can see that the Borrower 2 is listed there. How would I go about being sure that the 2nd borrower can also get the emails from the action plan? Or is this not a good idea to do this (because then any of the call or task reminders will be duplicated)?



Option 1. When you attach an action plan to the mortgage file, the email communication will be sent to the primary applicants email address. However, we use the Merged Salutation line in the templates so if there is more than one applicant, both are being addressed (Hi Jane & John Smith!)

Some Brokers are fine with this ‘as-is’.

However other brokers want the same emails to go to the co-applicant.

Option 2. In this case, you can attach the action plan to the co-applicant too. The mortgage file will not be available as an attach location as it is only visible under the primary applicant. Attach 2nd plan to the name and start the plan as per normal.

Does this create duplicate tasks, yes.  Here’s what you can do to avoid this.

Option 3:  Go to your intouch > action plans > custom action plans > COPY your 5 year plan and edit the COPY version. Rename it to 5 year simple, or 5 year co-app and DELETE all of the task reminders and calls. Just leave the emails. Then when you attach the second plan to the co-applicant, you can choose to attach the shorter version so you are not duplicating the tasks.


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