Organize your Work & Personal life with GoMax Tasking!

Traditionally in the past most people would try to utilize a basic calendar to keep track of important items that need to get done.  Although this method can work it is very ineffective due to the inherit limitations of a calendar system.  Even powerful calendars such as the Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar are not ideally suited for tasking as they were designed for meetings or events.

GoMax has developed a powerful Tasking solution that has the ability to virtually replace the requirement for a traditional calendar.  With the GoMax Tasking system you can create an unlimited number of groups / categories, each containing an unlimited number of tasks.  And each task can have an unlimited number of comments as well.

Benefits of using the GoMax Tasks:

  • Unlimited groups / categories
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited comments
  • Ability to set a start date for the task
  • Track the approx. duration for your reference
  • Track the progress of the task to completion
  • Set Tasks as completed and file away in history for future reference
  • Set an automated reminder that will email and/or SMS text a message to you
  • Set a recurrence for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly


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