Welcome to your new Trial Account

Thank you for making the decision to see why the GoMax CRM is Canada’s #1 cloud-based software built specifically for Mortgage Professionals.

Your Trial period begins on the day you signed up and activated your account. During this period we will send you the occasional email with useful tips to assist you in getting your account fully functioning.  Please ensure your email address is valid and that you receive our emails.  While you are at it, take a moment to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we post regular updates on social media as well.

After the trial period is completed your subscription will be automatically processed and the renewal amount for your chosen package will be charged to your credit card. Should you wish to discontinue your trial account and avoid any subscription charges, we require a Support Ticket to be submitted from within your account prior to the last day of the Trial period.

There will be no refunds or credits issued for late cancellations.



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