Not seeing a recent Gomax update? Did you click on a button and nothing happened?



Before submitting a support ticket, try updating your browsers, cleaning your cache, cookies and history to your browser to see if that solved your ghostly problem!

Here’s why:

The browser cache exists because of a basic assumption made by the folks who design browsers: the internet is slow. Perhaps more correctly, your internet connection is slower than your computer.

What that means is that it’s faster to get something to display from your hard disk than it is to get it by downloading it from the internet. Even with today’s faster internet speeds, that still holds very true.

When current browsers were designed, people noticed that many web pages contained the same elements. For example, if you look at this page or in your GoMax CRM, you’ll see a logo at the top. It’s actually at the top of every page. So the thinking was why download the same logo for every page? Why not just download it once and then keep it so we can use it again? But what if those stored elements are changed or updated?

The cache is nothing more than a place on your hard disk where the browser keeps things that it downloaded in case they’re needed again. For instance, when you first visit a page on this site, the browser will download the logo so that it can be shown. Every time that you visit a different page on the site, the logo doesn’t need to be downloaded again; as long as the same logo is displayed, it’s already here.

To get the most out of your CRM we recommend clearing the cache and cookies on your browsers often as we are always releasing CRM bug fixes or new features almost all the time!  If your account isn’t loading correctly, you aren’t seeing what you expect, or there’s an error, try clearing the cache to make sure you’re seeing the latest GoMax version. And it’s usually better to just do both at the same time to eliminate any issues. We recommend using latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome.

Most browsers work in a similar way, but here are the two major browsers that we support and how to clear cache and delete cookies for them. And it’s also best practice to run the latest version of your favorite browser, keeping it updated helps pages load better and gives you more security.


Update your browsers:

Google Chrome:

Clean the cache and cookies:

Google Chrome:

If your browser isn’t listed above, done fret! Simply Google for your instructions and follow the steps along.


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