I need to make a template for a marketing piece, what is the easiest way to do this?

When you do not want to make a new template (and we don’t blame you!) why not download one from the shop tab in the Share Centre located in intouch? There are many template layouts available in the shop tab that are free for you to use. Customize these all you like once you import them. Watch the video tutorial in the template library to help you with the basics of editing and graphic placement.

Another way to to “copy” an existing template in your library. This will take a copy of your favorite template and will leave the original untouched. Edit the “copy of…” template.

Finally, another option is the Wizard templates. We have 4 available for you to use. These are designed for you and react very similar to a PDF fill form. To read up on how to use these, please go back to the Wizard template article found in the knowledge base.

Make sure to always test email your final productions. Click on your links to be sure they work and proof read your content.

Please join us for training every Friday for Custom template designing. The schedule is available for you to download from the knowledge base.

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