Often, we are asked to provide advice on purchasing domain names. Here are some helpful tips when considering a domain name for your website.


Buy the shortest domain name that you can get.
They are generally easy to spell.

If available, buy a number of domain names related to your business.
From the list of purchased domain names, choose a primary domain name for your website and have all other domain names pointing to that domain name. That means if any of the secondary domain names are typed into the browser, they will be sent to your primary domain name.

Look for a .com domain first, and then buy the .ca if available.
The .com extension is described as the “Lakeshore property” of domain names. The majority of people will still type in .com before they type in .ca. Having both the .com and the .ca is the best. We would also suggest buying the .net extension as well.

Buy your name if available.
Again, choose the .com extension first and then .ca. If people forget your website address, they might try your name.

Buy a domain name that is “catchy” or is a “phrase”.
Catchy domain names are easy to remember.

Buy a domain name that includes keywords that reflect your business.
It’s been said that having keywords in your domain name not only best describes what you do but that the site might actually rank higher in the search engines.

Buy domain names that are easy to remember.
Don’t buy complicated domain names.

Buy domain names that you think people will not misspell or spell differently.
Example “Brian or Bryan”. If you have to buy this type of domain name, buy both spellings if available.

Don’t buy domain names with a hyphen.
Domain names with hyphens are difficult to advertise.


The internet is all about traffic, the more traffic you have the more likely you will see results. You do not want to loose traffic because people cannot remember your domain name or they can’t spell it.

Domain names are cheap and having the right domain name can be an effective tool to increase your business.

We recommend http://www.mightydomains.com except for .ca extensions. For that we suggest http://www.domainsatcost.ca

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