You’re on the 10th day of your Free Trial:

Just to recap. a little: At this point you should have your Contacts and Deals imported, Tasks & Reminders created, inTouch Templates setup, Action Plans & Events running, and possibly have used the Projects to send out emails to your contacts. You have probably explored the Opportunities component for assistance with subscribing Action Plans and Events, and may have ran some Reports to export out your information.

You have probably noticed and come to expect the Daily Summary email that you receive each morning, you look forward to the News & Rate Advisor email on the 15th of the month, and as a result are now hopefully starting to realize the power of an effective CRM. The team at GoMax is working hard to constently improve the platform and is always eager to hear suggestions from users such as yourself. It is these suggestions that help us build a better CRM system for your needs!

Should you be debating whether or not you really need a CRM, we would like to take a moment to encourage you to think of the benefits of capitalizing on the trust you have already established with your existing clients and what that could translate into when it comes time for a renewal. The GoMax CRM helps facilitate capturing more renewals which means more revenue for you.

Here are a few more key items to consider:

  • Your data remains yours with a personal CRM account – not your National Franchise
  • All your information is 100% saved in a Canadian Data Centre
  • 24/7 CRM access with a super friendly support team ready to help
  • Secure / Cloud based access to your information from anywhere
  • Intuitive, quick and responsive interface with tablet & mobile access
  • Simplified Contact & Deal management
  • Powerful Tasking system – never miss important dates or To-Do items
  • Stay in contact with your clients using automated touch points (Action Plans, Events, etc.)
  • Maintain a lifetime of history on contacts, deals, notes, documents, & tasks
  • Gain insight to your data using Reports
  • Easily create mailing labels and printed letters

NOTE: If there is a feature or capability that you would like to see in a CRM, or if your own Team has unique requirements, GoMax is here to help. Let us know what your needs are, and we will do our best to work with you to meet your expectations.

Keep up the good work within your CRM and we’re confident you will see success – whether it is more revenue, simplified day-to-day operations and/or peace of mind! There is a clear reason why the GoMax CRM is Canada’s #1 CRM for Mortgage Broker Professionals.

Congratulations on making it this far! It’s hard to believe that we are approaching 2 weeks already and your FREE trial is almost over. We would like to remind you that your subscription will begin automatically in 5 days.


Not ready for CRM success?

If you are finding that the GoMax CRM is not the right fit for you, or have concluded that better organization, task management and a simplified daily workflow just isn’t right for you at this time – simply submit a Support Ticket requesting a cancellation from within your account before the trial period ends and there will be absolutely no charges applied to your credit card.

Cancellations must occur on or before the last day of the Trial period to avoid the automatic billing system from applying the recurring monthly subscription charges.

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