It’s your second day with GoMax – Let’s get some contacts imported!

By now we hope that you have had an opportunity to have a quick run through the system and are more familiar with everything. If you haven’t read through the Getting Started guide, now would be a great time to do. In case you missed the link to the guide in our previous email, simply click here to go read it now.

During your free trial period you will be receiving the occasional email, such as this one that lead you to this article, that will include tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of the system.

The best way to get your CRM started is to import your contacts and their mortgage deal information directly from a Filogix export. Once the Filogix data import has been initially performed, you can then begin maximizing your CRM experience and harness the power of Action Plan & Event marketing. For more information, check out the following articles by clicking HERE.

TIP: Did you know that you can also import CSV files from other sources such as your Outlook, Gmail, or other third-party contact systems? If the other system can export a CSV file of contact information, you can import it into your GoMax CRM account. Click HERE to learn more.

Wondering what’s next?

Now that you have contact and/or deal data in your CRM, have a look at some of the additional options that are now available within each Contact Profile or Deal Profile.

It is ultimately your responsibility to keep your contact information current and up to date. Old and out-dated information will limit the overall effectiveness of any CRM. The sooner you can develop consistent habits to update contact information, especially each time you have direct contact, the better your overall long-term CRM success will be.

Some of the key features to utilize on a daily basis will be Tasks & Reminders, Notes, Tagged Emails, Uploading Documents & Deal Tracking – stop missing out on renewals!

Your book of contacts is the heart of your CRM. We highly recommend setting up various categories and organizing your Contacts accordingly to maintain an efficient CRM.



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