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As you begin familiarizing yourself with your new GoMax CRM account, we would like to jump-start you with some initial setup information!

Below are some handy how-to articles from our knowledge base that will walk you through the first few set-up steps. Thanks for your business and remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates!


1: The first thing to check is your profile and your CRM settings

Under the ‘Tools’ navigation menu along the left side of your CRM dashboard click on the Settings option to load the Profile screen containing your information.  Make sure your profile is correct, all fields are populated,, create your custom email signature, and add any support staff.  Next, go to your your settings button along the top of your profile screen and finalize the last few set-up items.
These items include your  email tagging,
SMS, and  Mobile Access.


2: Your next step is to import some data into your brand new CRM

If you plan on importing data from and external source such as Filogix / D&H Expert (which we strongly recommend so that you can take full advantage of your CRM) you will want to follow the instructions in the links below in order to get started! Make sure to import your data on a regular basis moving forward.
1. Language Settings on your computer
2. Export your data from D&H
3. Importing your data into GoMax
4. Additional import resources and troubleshooting


 3: Now, let’s create some Tasks and never miss an important date!

Most people struggle to remember to accomplish various things throughout the day or week.  You may still be using those old sticky post-it notes, or a paper notepad to try and organize your tasks to get done, or possibly you have been using the traditional calendar in an effort to stay on top of things.

Now is the time to change and start using the GoMax Tasking system.  Go ahead and create groups to organize your tasks, and begin entering all of you upcoming tasks that you would like to get accomplished.  If you stay on top of this process each and every day, you will quickly find how beneficial a GTD (Getting Things Done) Tasking system actually is.


4: Get Automated! Basic marketing and mortgage reminders!

The quickest and easiest way to begin marketing to your contacts right away is to subscribe them to Events. These include reminders about important mortgage milestones, such as renewal dates and annual anniversaries, as well as, automated Birthday emails and other Holiday wishes. You will want to do this each and every time after you import from Expert. Other automation points include Action Plans and the Opportunities section brings it all together.

Watch this  video demo or read more in the knowledge base. Don’t miss out!


5: Knowledge Base Documentation & FAQ’s

To help you get started, GoMax has put together numerous tutorials describing how various modules of the platform work. Be sure to visit the knowledge-base often as we are always adding new training information.

Have a specific question? Want to submit a feature request? CONTACT US HERE.



6: Setting up Email Tagging.

One of the many features go the GoMax platform is the ability for you to send in emails with attachments and have those emails attached to a client/or a clients mortgage file with the simple click of a button.

In order to get that up and running quickly, we have created a  short video demo.
After watching the demo, you should be able to start using this feature immediately!


7: Data backup

It’s important that you understand the process of backing up your data on a regular basis. While GoMax has significant disaster recovery measures in place including frequent data backups and off-site backups, it still remains your responsibility as per the license agreement. You can find the data export module by clicking: Tools > Data Export from along the top navigation bar on your dashboard.


8: Congratulations on your NEW CRM!

We understand that a new process introduced into your business may take time to adjust to. We believe that by setting up the basics as listed above, you will be well on your way to a fully functioning CRM that will take the stress out of your daily routine and simplify your workflow!

For additional videos, business tips and much more, please make sure to connect with us!

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