Have you explored our inTouch & Opportunities systems yet? inTouch is your module for automated marketing to your contact database. It consists of personally merged HTML email blasts, drip campaigns, important broker reminders, designing/editing templates, and making sticker labels for your mail-outs.

Overview of the inTouch system:

  • Templates > Pre-defined content to your liking that includes data merge fields
  • Events > Time based automated deliveries of performed actions (financial, holiday and custom)
  • Action Plans > Scheduled ‘drip’ campaigns of activities that start on a pre-set date and run until complete.
  • Projects > Quick process to send a one-off merged / templated email out to any number of selected recipients.
  • Opportunities > Quick overview to identify Contacts and/or Deals that should have Action Plans & Events running.
  • News & Rate Advisor > Monthly delivery of industry statistics and your own custom message / newsletter.


#1: Setup some templates

For the inTouch system to become productive, and before you launch any Action Plans, Events, or Projects, you will need to create some templates with the branding and text to suit your needs. Whether it will be Renewal reminders, happy birthday notifications, welcome letters, etc. It all starts with a set of templates.

TIP: Check out the inTouch > Share Center for free content; browse through and import as much as you want! There is also a video tutorial within the knowledge base on the share center that will teach you more about this feature.


#2: Events

An Event is a campaign that is setup to perform up to 4 actions on a certain date or based on desired financial criteria within your database. Common Events may include renewal reminders, birthday wishes, seasonal greetings, etc.  The process in deploying Events and subscribing your contacts begin with defining each Event. Once an Event is created, you can then manually subscribe contacts to it, or use the Opportunities component to subscribe many at a time.  It is a great way to stay in contact with your clients throughout the year(s).


#3: Action Plans

Throughout the duration of a mortgage deal, Action Plans allow you to setup a schedule of Activities to perform that include emails to clients, reminders to yourself, tasks, etc.  Each Action Plan can contain an unlimited number of activities that all being on starting date that you choose.  For example, if a client has a 5 year mortgage deal, you could setup an Action Plan with a variety of emails, planned calls, task reminders, etc. that happen throughout the next 60 months.  By subscribing your clients to an Action Plan, you will be sure to stay in contact and will also never miss a follow up activity – like a Renewal reminder.


#4: Projects

Have a great idea, or topic that you would like to compose a broadcast email out to your contacts? The inTouch Projects are a perfect fit for this purpose. A Project could be considered as a one-time delivery of an email to a single contact, group of contacts, or your entire database of contacts.


#5: Opportunities

GoMax has designed this component to help you identify possible missed opportunities to communicate with your contacts. All of the Events and Action Plans you have created in your system will be displayed on your Opportunities summary list and from here you can easily subscribe the suggested contacts and/or deals.

This was designed with two purposes in mind:

  • To suggest business opportunities you can take advantage of to maximize revenues from your existing database.
  • To identify and allow you to update data within your database to take full advantage of the possible opportunities.

We wanted to design a module that essentially does the work for you!


Bonus: News & Rate Advisor

A a great prospecting / lead generation service, GoMax has designed the News & Rate Advisor (NRA) to be a monthly newsletter to a subscriber base that you can build over time.  On the 15th of each month, the NRA will automatically be sent out to your subscriber base and will include such things as the Industry rate states, nationwide real estate values, and any custom message you would like to include.  Whether your subscriber base is 5 contacts, or 50000, the NRA will reach out to all of them automatically each more for you.



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