The following issues may arise during your data import experience. Here are a few of the most common problems and how to fix them on your own.

Your import did not work:


  • Double check that the Agent ID on the spreadsheet matches what you have in GoMax. If you recently changed companies, you may have a new Agent ID.
  • If you receive a “headers” error, this means that your CSV file is corrupted and you did not follow the proper instructions on saving the csv file. Log into your Filogix account and try again.

You cannot locate a client/file after processing an import into GoMax:


  • Check to ensure that the client/mortgage exported to your spreadsheet. If is is not there, you will need to expand your export search in Filogix and extract again.
  • Your file is “locked” in Filogix. This usually indicates that the file is currently open and someone is editing it. These files will not extract. Close it and try your extract again.
  • If you have confirmed that the file is on the spreadsheet your next thing to do is to compare the Agent ID in the row for that deal to what you have in your GoMax settings. Chances are, they do not match and the import process is ignoring it. You can add multiple Agent IDs to your GoMax Settings page. Separate them with a comma and Apply your changes.

You received a duplicate contact(s) after an import:


  • The import system looks at the “first name” and the “last name” data to determine a match. If there are two records with the same “first name” and “last name” Gomax will then look at the “birthday” field to complete the match. If the birthday data is different or you have any typos in the spelling of the names, you will receive a new contact entry (duplicate).
  • Your client changed their name. Once you import a file for (Ex) Jane Smith and years later your client marries and changes his/her name and you import the newer file without updating Gomax, you will see a new contact entry (duplicate).
  • To fix these issues, you will need to delete the duplicate contact/file in GoMax, fix the data in GoMax, or Filogix and re-export/re-import so they match.
  • GoMax goes to these extents because you may someday encounter different clients but with the same name.


If you have any problems with the Filogix exports please refer to Filogix support for help. If you have problems with the GoMax import routine please submit a support ticket to GoMax.


More Import Troubleshooting – Common Q&A


Q: I extracted my information out of Filogix, but when I upload to GoMax, nothing happens.

  • Check to make sure your Agent ID  has been entered into your setting page close to the bottom where is you see the field called “Filogix Details” “Agent ID”. If it’s not there, you will need to open your .csv file to locate it, but only after you have saved the consolidated.csv file to your computer. Your Agent ID will be in the column marked A1_Agent_AgentID (Column “GO”).
  • If your agent ID is in the settings, double check the Agent ID in the extract. Often, brokers submit deals where they are the co-agent and not the agent. This is usually done for volume pooling. If this was done, the agent ID on your extract will be a different number from what is in your settings, you will have to place this ID in your settings as well in order to import the deal.
  • Check to make sure you followed the Filogix export instructions exactly. If you did not select “consolidated” as your extract type from Filogix, your import will not work. Try your extract again.
  • Do not open the consolidated.csv file prior to saving it from Filogix. Do not rename the file or edit it and perform a re-save. Often, the action of renaming and re-saving can corrupt your csv file and you will get am error message.


Q: I went through my entire import, how do I know when I have finished?

  • When you have been returned back to the original import screen where you can upload a new file. You are finished. Go back to your dashboard and your data will be there.


Q: I need to edit my data on my Filogix extract, your instructions say not to. What can I do?

  • To make life easier, please make sure to be using a PC when editing any of your data. There are known issues on Macs where the date formats are set differently from a PC. If you edit your Filogix file and then save it without ensuring that you have set your computer to the correct date format, you will end up with a corrupted extract. On your PC go to Start > control panel > regional and language options. Select English (Canada) and apply your changes.
  • In most cases a broker won’t need to clean up any data found in the Filogix extract. However, in some cases a broker may need to make changes. When you import your Filogix data you will provide an Agent ID in your GoMax settings page. The Agent ID is used by our GoMax system to selectively import data found in your Filogix file. As a result if you are editing a file to simply remove data that doesn’t belong to you, you will not need to delete any of these records (as long as there is a different Agent ID for non-related brokers). Please note that you will want to be careful when editing your Filogix data to not alter the fields in the extract. Our GoMax system is looking for exact fields and if any fields are removed, the import will not be successful. Also note that you will want to ensure that your computer (PC) is using the Canadian format for saving dates. There are known issues on Macs where the date format uses a different format. If you edit your Filogix file and then save it (without ensuring that you have set your computer to format dates) you will end up with a corrupted extract.

The date format in a standard Filogix extract is: ‘yyyy-mm-dd’.

Q: My Agent ID is in my settings, yet not all of my files are importing, why?

  • Pay attention to the Agent IDs that are displayed on your extract. In a lot of cases, mortgage deals are submitted in Filogix under another Brokers name for volume pooling for better rates and products. If this is the case, the agent ID will not match the one you have in your settings. You will have to locate any additional agent ID’s and place these in your settings as well if this is OK with the other broker. (separate the numbers with a comma 12345, 56789) Make sure to remove this different agent ID after your import to ensure you do not import.


Q: Can I import my contacts (from Gmail or MS Outlook etc…)***

  • Yes you sure can. As long as your file is a csv (comma delimited) and you have sepereated column headers along the top row. Example: Firstname, Lastname, Email, phonenumber etc… once your file is ready for import, make sure to select “CRM data” as the format on you gomax import screen and match up the fields that have not been automatically detected. ***Please note that any contacts imported this way will have their Canadian Anti Spam Legislation setting defaulted to “No Consent”. If you need to change this, each contact’s consent setting will have to be individually edited after the import is complete (if you can prove that you have the proper consent).


Q: I have mortgage files located in different programs other then Filogix, can I import those into GoMax?

  • You cannot import a CSV file from any other source and have the mortgage details import. There is a work around, but it can be a risky process that will require your strict attention. Your data will have to be transferred on to a standard Filogix extract only after following all of the English (Canada) PC setting instructions. To make sure you are doing this correctly, we always suggest testing this out with only a few entries at first and importing them as you would a standard Filogix file into your Gomax. This way, if you receive errors or import bad data, you will have not wasted a bunch of time editing your file, and deleting the entries will be easy.

The date format in a standard Filogix extract is: ‘yyyy-mm-dd’


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